Icy Steps, a Broken Wrist, and Scaling Back

Last Wednesday, my husband, Clif, fell down the front steps and broke his wrist. While we are grateful that he was not more seriously hurt, coming the week before Christmas, his injury does put an interesting spin on things. Clif is now sporting a bright red cast, and until we know for sure that the bone is healing properly, he is to keep his arm and wrist as still as possible.

What this means is that he will not be able to help with the usual winter and holiday chores—shoveling, hauling wood, dipping pretzels, rolling peanut butter balls. In addition, I am now the chauffeur, and I will have to drive him to and from work. Because I have lost 65 pounds, I am confident that I can handle all the chores, and what a good feeling this is.

Still, there are only so many hours in the day, and I have made a list of what I will do, and what gets simplified.

Here is what stays on the list: cheddar cheese soup for Christmas Eve, ice cream pies and stuffed shells for Christmas Day. (Daughter Dee will be home next Sunday. I will put her little hands to work, from stuffing shells to peeling potatoes.)

Peanut butter balls and chocolate-covered pretzels are family favorites. They, too, will stay on the list. The same is true for ginger snaps.

Regrettably, homemade bread has been stricken from the list. Instead, we will make do with English muffins and deli flats. I won’t be making homemade crackers or one of my favorites—thumb print cookies.

While I am a little sorry that I have to scale back, now that there are only two hands to do all the chores, I feel that what I have kept is manageable.

So onward to Christmas, my favorite holiday. Except for the wrist, we are all well. In addition, we are warm and have plenty to eat. As the longest night of the year approaches, we turn on the blue lights on the Christmas tree as well as the white lights outside on the hedges. The multi-colored lights twinkle in the hurricane jar on the buffet by the window, bright little beacons in the dark for passersby going up and down the Narrows Pond Road.


1 comment for “Icy Steps, a Broken Wrist, and Scaling Back

  1. Shannon Mulkeen
    December 17, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    Yay for Peanut Butter Balls still making the list!! :)

    Poor Dad – though very fancy with a red cast!

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