From Bloomerg: A piece about food waste worldwide. It includes this sobering statistic: “The FAO has said global food output must rise 70 percent by 2050 to feed a world population expected to grow to 9 billion from 7 billion.” Food not wasted would go a long way toward achieving this goal.

From the New York Times: A look at Mormons and food, specifically, their desire to feed people. Mormon households are encouraged to set aside three months’ to a years’ worth of food. Very interesting, and leaving aside the green Jello and other powdered foods, there are some good tips in this piece.

From the Portland Press Herald: A short but cogent article by Anne Mahle about the importance of serving “honest” food to children. That is, not hiding the fact that you’re, say, serving vegetables. Just serve the vegetables. Mahle suggests that dishonest, sneaky approaches do the child no favor. I agree.

From National Geographic: Popcorn, that snack of snacks, was eaten 6,000 years ago in Peru. I wonder, is there any other modern snack, other than fruit, that has been around as long?

From the blog Henbogle: As Ali has put it, the climes they are a-changing. The USDA has released a new climate zone map, which shows that the Northeast is a half a zone warmer than it was when the previous map came out in 1990. I know. A half a zone doesn’t sound like much, but it has real implications—some good and some bad—for farmers and gardeners.



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